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Tandem skydiving is a special jumping with a parachute two persons, attached by a harness to a qualified and very experienced instructor.

Throw yourself in space at the height of 4000 meters.

Once equipped with you harness you and after a brief explanation on ground, you will be ready for an unbelievable experience.  Remember that the participant does not have to worry about anything or take any sort of training as all is controlled by the instructor. Therefore this activity is suitable for the whole family.

 Enjoy the scenery at 200 kms/hr.

After 60 seconds of free fall on reaching 1500 meters of height your instructor will open the parachute to enjoy a comfortable and smooth flight of about 5 minutes up to the landing zone.

We can record your video also (Extra cost)

If you want another parachuter equipped with a video camera can film your preparation on the ground, in the flight, the free fall and the landing for editing a video which you can take to your home in a DVD for a lifelong memory of this unique experience.


Being over 14 years old

Minors need permission from your parent or guardian accompanied the minor's identification document (ID / Passport).

Weighing less than 100kg

If you weigh more than 100 you can still jump considering other factors.


Tandem Jump            Euros 210.    (-20 euros on weekdays)

Tandem jump + Photo gallery  Euros 295.    (-20 euros on weekdays)

Tandem jump + Dvd        Euros 295.    (-20 euros on weekdays)

Tandem jump + Dvd+ Photo gallery        Euros 315. (-20 euros on weekdays)


Training prior to the jump.

All necessary equipment.

Flight 20 minutes in one of our planes.

Jump from 10,000 feet.

60 seconds of free fall (approx.).


Skydiving madrid spain