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Tomatina festival spain


     The famously hospitable Madrileños like to look after their visitors, if only to be reminded that they are living in what is not only Europe’s highest capital city (at 2,000 feet above sea level), but also one of its liveliest, friendliest, most generous, and most culturally stimulating. Art? There are enough masterpieces in the square mile around the Prado to last a lifetime. Nightlife? This is a city where no one ever seems to sleep. Food? Madrid draws on the best produce in Spain, and eating out is a way of life. Parks? El Retiro has to be one of the world’s grandest green areas. Ambience? As one Spanish writer pointed out, Madrid is a city where no one is a stranger. Monuments? Take your pick between the Madrid of the Hapsburgs, with its spacious Plaza Mayor, or the Madrid of the Bourbons, with its classical palaces and wide boulevards. But wait! There’s another Madrid. Wander from the imposing buildings, the skyscrapers and the fashionable shopping districts into the back streets of Madrid and you will see that you are not in Spain’s largest city, after all, but in its largest village. Men chatter in dusty taverns, as they would in any pueblo in Spain. This is where all the cities of Spain meet.

This masterpiece of modernist architecture, built by Antoni Gaudi, pushes the gothic style to the extreme, drawing hundreds of visitors a day. Though it was never completed still it is one of the most impressive piece of architecture in Barcelona. It has been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO. Make sure to book your visit well in advance to avoid long queues at the monument.

The Sacred Family Church

  Bullfighting is the trademark of the Spanish Culture. Although there are people who may not like it but it is still the most popular event for the more traditional Spanish people. The bullfighter also called the TOREROS are revered like film or pop stars. You cannot miss a bullfight in one of the bull fighting rings of Spain.

Las Ventas Bullfighting Ring.

  They symbol of Spanish urban representation The Plaza Mayor in Madrid is the centre of all kinds of activities. Located in the old city centre people come here to celebrate all kinds of festivities and also to participate in protests and strikes. The plaza has been the venue of markets, fairs and public gathering and announcements from the medieval times.

Plaza Mayor. The Urban Epicentre.

Famous Places In Madrid las ventas The Plaza Mayor, Madrid.

 One of the biggest art collection in Europe, the Prado museum is the most visited museum in Spain. It houses paintings from the famous painters like Velazquez, and Goya.

Prado Art Museum, Madrid

Relocated from Egypt to Madrid as a gift of Egypt to Spain. This 3000 years old temple is now the most visited tourist spot in Madrid.

Templo Debod, from Egypt to Madrid.

Prado Art Museum, Madrid Templo Debod, Madrid

Dedicate to the famous Spanish hero DON QUIXOTE this famous plaza is near the royal palace. It has the statue of Quixote and his creator the poet- Cervantes.

Plaza de  Espanya

Madrid wax museum located in front of the Plaza of Columbus is also a famous hotspot among the tourist. It has wax statues of famous Spanish and world personalities.

Wax Museum, Madrid

Madrid Wax museum

 It should not be a surprise to know that the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium which is the official camp of Real Madrid is one of the most visited places in Madrid. You can undertake guided tours and buy the official merchandise here.

Real Madrid Stadium

Real Madrid Stadium

 The biggest collection of Modern and contemporary art the Reina Sofia Museum houses some of the most famous painting of painters like Picasso and Dali.

Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid

Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid Plaza de España