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Two days to discover the best of the modern art of Gaudi, the medieval and the roman city or the gastronomical secrets of Catalonia.

Tourists in front of The  Sacred Family Church. Barcelona.

     They say that the one who drinks the water from the “ FOUNTAIN OF CANALETAS” situated at the beginning or LAS RAMBLAS, is condemned to return to Barcelona. And in fact one who visit it for only 48 hours shall return some day. It is impossible to assimilate it in such a small time even though one can live and see the necessary that can never be forgotten.


La Pedrera

A two days escape to the city of Barcelona should begin with a good Panoramic Tour of the City. One of the best sights located in the center of the modern city , in the are of l’ Eixample de Barcelona, is the Casa M’ila , also known as THE PEDRERA.

This is the best example to know what is a building of the modernist design. This architectural jewel was designed by  Gaudi during the first half of the 20th century, but even today it surprises us for its originality. There you can kill two birds with a stone. You can contemplate the most important works of this famous Artist and enjoy the city from a different perspective unknown to many travelers. Moreover, if you go early you can avoid the tourist rust and have more time later in the day.


After the Pedrera, we can indulge more in the traditional passion of Barcelona for the design. In many buildings of the city we can see the Modernist designs. This was the preferred style of the rich and upper class of the 20th century. Leaving aside the jewel of the crown THE SACRED FAMILY, in the very center of the city. Not to be ignored are popular sights of the  MANAZANA DISCORDIA, the Casa Amatller, the Casa Batllo, etc. This part of the Paseo de Garcia, between the streets Consell de Cent and Arago, is an unique architectural exposition of the Modernist design of scale 1: 1.

The other great modernist work is the PARK GUELL also designed by GAUDI. A bit far from the center. But it a one of its kind place and deserves a visit. In any case taking the bus no 16 (Pg. De Garcia /Mallorca) and number 31 one can reach there in 25 minutes.


After enjoying there architectural jewels on the Paseo de Garcia, now is a good time to enjoy the shopping at the famous shops of the street. On the same street and around it one can find the best stores in the city of Fashion and famous brands. Or the other option can the inner courtyards of the Barrio de Eixample, in the store on VINÇON. It is surely one of the store which identifies itself with the culture of design of the city. Inside you can always browse through the product range of the designer for an original present.



   At the end of the Paseo de Gardia, in the direction of the seas and entering the famous LAS RAMBLAS  de CANALETAS  in the district of Ciutat Vella, we can visit something surprising. It is a market known as much for its ambience as for the shops. It is the market of SAN JOSE also known as the Boqueria. It is famous for its colors and its product which range from exotic pears to the fried ants of Africa. Inside one can search for the BARRA DE PINOCHO, with a selection of original and extraordinary  Tapas. Eating here is an unforgettable experience.


The Cathedral of Barcelona.

    After the deserved rest and a great lunch, now its to get moving once more to keep discovering the city. Be it from Las Ramblas of the via Augusta, the evening will be dedicated to the Medieval and Roman Barcelona. The best is to loose ourselves in the streets of the name of the old professions where one can still find the second hand stuff stores. Here the Barcelona Cathedral is located in the Barrio Gotico. Just behind the Cathedral is small and narrow street called Paradis.


After the fundamental findings we cannot finish the schedule without knowing one quarter which is lesser known to the tourists. It is the quarter of the Barrio del Born, where the beautiful basilica of SANTA MARIA DEL MAR stands out, in which the bestseller LA CATEDRAL DE MAR was inspired. Visiting it we can relive some of the scenes of this great novel.

From a decade ago , the BORN, situated 10 minutes from the Cathedral has converted in one of the famous areas of the city. Here we can spend some of our evening time in the alternative fashion stores and the latest designers. Most of these stores are installed in the gothic buildings or museums which occupy old palaces such as PICASSO. Sometimes its difficult to say what is more interesting the shop or the products being sold.


It has been a spectacular day, but also a long and tiring. Therefore a great choice is to remain in this part of the city and have an appetizer and a different dinner as Born after the dusk when the shops are shut and street lights put on , changes completely, It converts a Bohemian place with its own charm with artists and models strolling the streets in their latest fashion statements. Here there are various places to enjoy some great Tapas, like the Taller de Tapas( calle Argenteria 51) or the Golfo de Bizcais ( calle Vidreria 12 ).

Jacuzzi in the Hotel H10 Montcada, in the BORN.

Later in BORN the window blinds of the shops will be pulled up to make the night longer. In the same Paseo de Born we can find numerous Bars like the MIRAMELINDO (number 15, famous for its mojitos) or EL COPETIN (number 18).

In the PADEO PICASSO number 40, you can find the famous discotheque MAGIC ROCK, for the traditional rock fans. All this let us enjoy the night until our bodies are exhausted.

DAY 2.


Barcelona opened to the sea with the Olympic Games and we should make the most of it during our second day of the visit. To start, we take the famous GOLONDRINA (literally Swallow, a traditional tourist boat of the city) in the port de LA PAU. The ticket counters are at the feet of the statue of CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS   ( which definitely does not point towards America as one might think).  From the we shall sails in the sea to have a distinct view of the city of Barcelona. It is a very distinct image of the city for someone who started the city from the center. There are different routes of the boats, some goes further in the sea and some follow the sea shore letting appreciate the Olympic Port and The Mapfre tower


 The Golondrina shall leave us again at the Columbus Statue. Starting from there we can marvel another architectural marvel the MAREMAGNUM bridge, one of the two draw bridges which exists in Spain (with the bridge of Valencia Port). Therefore before crossing it one must be sure that the signal light is green. This bridge will leave us in Maremagnum one of the most famous commercial and entertainment centers of Barcleona. This is a interesting place for shopping because some of the products sold here are directly from the Ships and are not subjected to the duty therefore be cheaper.

If you are not that shopping kind we can visit the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, in Drassanes. There we can wonder looking at the more than thousand expeditions which have been undertaken in the last 500 years through the Mediterranean Sea. Whatever our decision is afterwards we visit one of the emblematic parts of Barcelona, the beach of Barceloneta, From the Maremagnum its a 10 minutes walk through the MOLL DE LA FUSTA  towards the direction of the sea. There we can experience with one of the natural wonders of the city, its beautiful beaches. (San Sebastian, El Bogatell, Mar Bella, Nueva Icaria, Barceloneta etc).

In winter with fewer people it converts in a peaceful encounter. Here the water sports are practiced and of course one can enjoy the classical lunch in one of the shacks a few meters from the sea, with the winter sunlight. It is recommended stopping at the GOA BEACH CLUB, in the beach of the San Sebastian, where a famous scene of the movie VICKY, CHRITINA  AND BARCELONA  was shot.

1330 hrs. FROM SEA TO THE SKY.

At these hours the hunger can be pressing and its to take some important decision, like taking position to eat. For that coming out of the beach we have certain options. The most comfortable is tasting a good rice dish in one of the restaurants near the beaches, in the Barceloneta or the Olympic Port. Good food can also be enjoyed in CAN MAJO and in CASA SOLE(calle Sant Carles 4) founded in 1903 and famous for its rice dishes. Also stands out ELS PESCADORS (Recommended by Repsol Guide.) And LLUÇANES where one can enjoy the typical sea and mountain dishes of the catalonia region. Another option, spectacular but not so normal is climbing in the Cable Car in the Mountain of Montjuic and enjoy a meal with the spectacular panoramic view of the Barcelona city in the restaurant TORRE DE ALTA MAR. It is an unforgettable experience.


Just behind the castle of MontJuic there is special terrace called EL XALET, a chill out between the pine trees, ideal for enjoying a good appetizer or having a coffee. To return to the city we can take the original way on foot